Better POS Software - Apparel & Shoes

shoe storeWhen it comes to clothing, one size or style does NOT fit all. We understand that and want to make your business run smoother - whether itís footwear or apparel - we know the choices can be endless.

Product Information Management - From categories covering women's, men's, work, kids, to sizes and styles expanding the inventory further, we know you want rely on your POS software to help manage it all. Our PIM offers endless attributes and connects seamlessly with your website and other systems.

Want to upgrade to iPads? RetailPoint works across platforms and devices. You can quickly add it to your existing hardware configurations, and also upgrade new hardware on different platforms.

Would Mobile checkout and clienteling features enhance your store experience?

Customers are demanding need a reason to come to your store‚ÄĒvs. shopping on line. By adding mobile checkout options, you empower your associates to deliver a faster checkout experience. Integrated card processing makes credit or debit purchases almost instantaneous. Clienteling features allow you to track purchases and make recommendations and build loyalty. You can distribute customer cards or key chains for reduced pricing levels for card members.

apparel storeHave multiple stores to manage? In a multi-store environment, locations have access to "real-time" inventory across every store. Buyers looking for a specific size or color can be directed to another store location where the book is currently stocked or the offer can be made to ship directly to them or pick up another day in the store. For managers who need to stay connected, the online Dashboard provides "live-time" access to sales and inventory information from any internet enabled computer or mobile device.

Need to expand business? RetailPoint's optional e-commerce website functionality service easily helps build your online store. Any merchandise item that has been put into your system can then be searched and available for order/purchase through your new online site. Enterprise level features offer order routing and drop ship services to complete the transaction.

These are just a few reasons your retail store needs Advanced POS features to compete in today's marketplace. Schedule a RetailPoint demo today.