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petRetailPoint understands that a pet supply business can include everything from supplies to aquatics and live animals. You may even offer services such as grooming, tank cleaning, dog sitting or boarding. Whether you are a small specialty shop or a large supply outlet, RetailPoint’s features and capabilities make it the ideal pet store point of sale (POS) software.

The RetailPoint POS software was originally created by and for pet store owners, so it was built to be ideally suited for pet supply retailers. RetailPoint is fully equipped with the features that pet stores need. Examples of some of the robust features built within RetailPoint include customer profiles, complete environment visibility, product information management and business scalability.

Customer Profiles and Loyalty Programs
Built within RetailPoint is a dynamic customer manager, including a customizable loyalty program that allows retailers to offer a more personal and unique shopping experience for their customers. The advanced customer profile manager allows retailers to track and manage the information around their customers, including their entire purchase history. By viewing a customer’s purchase history, associates are able to make better product recommendations based on the customer’s buying preferences. The loyalty program options allow the retailer to create unique membership levels and offer their shoppers benefits by joining.

pet store environmentVisibility Across the Entire Retail Environment
RetailPoint grants users visibility across their entire retail environment. Because RetailPoint is cloud-based, all the information is shared in real time, including: inventory levels, customer profiles and employee information. With the proper authorization, this information can be accessed and even managed from anywhere via RetailPoint. Users can even locate out of stock products and have them fulfilled by another store, distribution center or vendor in order to prevent losing sales.

Product Information Management (PIM)
Customers can be very particular about what sorts of products, particularly pet food, they buy for their pets. As such, store associates need to be knowledgeable around pet products so they may better assist customers make buying decisions. RetailPoint’s built in PIM allows retailers to create all inclusive product profiles, including information such as lists of ingredients. This information can be instantly accessed by a user in order to answer a customer’s questions.

RetailPoint grows with your business. Product, customer and employee information only needs to be entered once. As new store locations are added, information is automatically loaded from the cloud and is then ready to be used, thus shortening set up time. Employees are also given permission levels to determine what stores’ information they can or cannot access.

Your pet store needs Advanced POS features to compete in today's marketplace. Request a RetailPoint demo today.