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book storeToday's bookstore sells everything from specialty books and magazines, to music, paper goods and even coffee. Whether you are a small specialty store, or large book outlet, RetailPoint's advanced POS features and capabilities make it your ideal bookstore software.

Our simple tools offer advanced inventory tracking and control and reporting to provide sales trending. Inventory capabilities alert you when items drop below their re-order point quantity. Scanner technology makes receiving or selling books quick and easy. Reporting functionality allows you to access detailed information for items, inventory, sales and customers. You can even auto-generate purchase orders using re-order points or sales history.

Selling Coffee? Our "Quick Pick" screen can be used to set-up hot keys for items. Plus your inventory is automatically tracked and adjusted as each sale is made.

book store retailersHave multiple stores to manage? In a multi-store environment, each location can have "live-time" access to inventory across every store. Buyers looking for a specific book can be directed to another store location where the book is currently stocked or the offer can be made to ship directly to them or pick up another day in the store.

Need to expand business? RetailPoint's optional e-commerce website functionality service easily helps build your online store. Any books that have been put into your system can then be searched and available for order/purchase through your new online site. Enterprise level features offer order routing and drop ship services to complete the transaction.

Your bookstore needs Advanced POS features to compete in today's marketplace. "Book" a RetailPoint demo today.