Multi-store POS Software

Choosing the right Point of Sale software for a multi-store environment can be of critical importance. Many traditional point of sale software solutions have adapted or integrated internet technology into their programs to allow for data transfers and syncing of data. The majority of the time these solutions require nightly transfers between the stores and a headquarter office. This type of programming works, but the information may not be available from store to store or even be delayed by hours or even days.

The internet based POS solutions are quickly gaining popularity, but these types of solutions are reliant upon an internet connection, if a retailer loses internet for any reason their business stops until a connection can be restored. Performance of the internet POS solution can also be heavily reliant upon the internet connection speed, all processing is performed via online processing.

The RetailPoint POS solution is software, and can function during periods of time that an internet connection may not be available. Its unique construct provides the speed and performance of traditional software solutions, while offering the level of accessibility and real-time processing that a Internet solution provides. By combining both software and internet technologies, RetailPoint is able to offer a better multi-store point of sale and management solution.