Delicatessen/Deli POS Software

Delicatessens are normally small size stores, or service areas, that specialize in the sale of made-to-order sandwiches, cold cuts of meat or cheese sold by weight, or light menu items such as pastas or salads. Delicatessen menus vary greatly depending on region and ethnic diversity of the location. The main things to consider when looking for a delicatessen point of sale software solution would be quick check out functionality, such as hot keys and touch screen capabilities. Fast check out times and quick payment processing helps to reduce lines and service the customer quickly. Frequent buyer programs or discount card programs can be a great way to earn repeat business.

RetailPoint's functionality allows it to easily be used as Delicatessen Point of Sale Software. The touch screen capabilities combined with the customizable "Quick Pick" menu, allows Delicatessen owners to quickly set up HOT BUTTONS for their entire menu or fast moving deli items. Integrated card processing allows credit, debit, and gift cards to be processed in just seconds. Configurable options allow for tips to be added to the bottom of the customers receipt. Easily set up gift cards and VIP member card programs to give discounts or promotional offers to customers.