Get Real-time Reports, Anywhere, with RetailPoint POS


RetailPoint’s Advanced Reporting Features

Whether traveling stateside or across the world, monitor and report data from RetailPoint in real-time. Gain access and run reports on any device with an internet connection, report on all the sales, employee and productivity information being generated by your store(s). Any of RetailPoint's default reports can be easily customized to show specific fields or formatted for specific date ranges. Save customized reports for the future by exporting or printing them.

Reporting Capabilities

reporting capabilities
With RetailPoint’s powerful reporting capabilities, retailers can drill down into any aspect of a business's sales performance. On each report, retailers can easily zoom in on the numbers reported in order to view receipt level information. The powerful reporting capabilities within RetailPoint can empower retailers in ways such as; identifying fast and slow moving items, identifying commonly returned items, providing departmental summaries, sales demographics, products sold by vendor, date comparison reports and much more.
RetailPoint's reporting functionality allows retailers to easily customize each report to show only the information required. Date ranges can be specified for reporting during any time period. Reports can be printed, saved or exported in the format of a retailer’s choice. With integration, these reports can instantly be uploaded into a retailer’s financial solution. 

X & Z Status Reports

The X-out and Z-out reports provide up-to-the-minute accounting of all sales activities for the current sales period. The major difference between the two reports is that x-out report can be run anytime and the Z-out should only be generated at the end of the day when closing out the cash drawer.
X-out reports is detailed report that can be run anytime of the day, as often as wanted. The report is a detailed summary of sales activities up to the time the report is run, broken down by transaction type including cash, credit, debit, refunds, and payouts.
The Z-out (Zero Out) store close report is a complete detailed summary of the days sales activities, and returns all counts to zero after the report is run. The X-Out is typically run as part of the End-of-Day Process.

Employee Reporting

employee reporting

RetailPoint allows associates to view and run detailed reports on employee data such as hours, commissions, sales and tips. These detailed reports are useful for payroll functions or evaluating an employee’s performance. Reports can be customized and exported in any format based on an employer’s choosing. Associates are even able to search any and all past employee records.

Customer Reporting

customer reporting
Gain critical insights for clienteling, profiling and building loyalty campaigns. Track sales history, reward history, customer lists, or demographic information for marketing campaigns or insight on customer account information such as sales orders, work orders, deposits, or back orders.