Unmatched Integration with QuickBooks, Magento & Amazon Marketplace

Unmatched Integration with QuickBooks, Magento & Amazon Marketplace

Our Point of Sale Features

  • The most comprehensive Quickbooks on line (v3+) integration
  • Magento and Amazon Marketplace integration for Published Item List and Sales Orders
  • The ability to manage your business from a single platform
  • Mobile POS  to access your business information anywhere, any time

Benefits of QuickBooks Integration

  • Sales Receipt and Customer Data - Detailed Sales Receipt are synched with Quickbooks in order to provide detailed sales receipt data by customer.
  • Easily Manage Inventory - Keep your inventory in sync between POS and Quickbooks: decrement or increment inventory at time of sale, receiving or store cycle counts.
  • Automatically Sync Data - Enspire Commerce QuickBooks adapter can be configured to automatically sync POS data to QuickBooks or run manually.
  • Easy to Connect - Enspire Commerce QuickBooks adapter is simple to use and very intuitive. Click and go, enter your QuickBooks credentials and we do all the rest.
  • Track Vendors and Purchase Orders - Vendors’ account and purchase order information sync from the POS to QuickBooks to show which items were received from whom. Bills associated with purchases are synced, allowing users to pay vendors through QuickBooks.

Benefits of Magento & Online Marketplace Integration

  • Easily expand your online presence and sales
  • Readily integrates with OMS and accounting systems
  • Enterprise inventory visibility to leverage inventory at other locations, including vendors and stores to save the sale
  • Optimally fulfill orders throughout the enterprise, including from stores and third party vendors to rapidly fulfill orders at least cost
  • Deliver a single, unified cross-channel brand experience
Simplify Your Accounting Processes
RetailPoint's POS delivers the most comprehensive integration for QuickBooks Online in the market to streamline your sales and accounting processes. Easily sync sales receipts, customers and inventory to QuickBooks to track an analyze every aspect of your business. In-store sales data is imported into QuickBooks in near time (automated or manual) for an accurate, current view of your financials and sales data.

  Easily Grow Your Online Business
Our solution also integrates with Magento, Amazon and other online marketplaces so you can easily grow your business. In fact, our ease of integration is unrivaled. The RetailPoint solution captures online sales and optimally routes and fulfills orders from throughout your network, based on pre-defined rules to help you balance customer service and cost.