Payment Processing

Accept payment anywhere in the store with RetailPoint Merchant Services.

Payment Processing

Faster, Safer Payment Processing

Provide an enhanced payment processing experience by offering the secure payment methods customers prefer most. RetailPoint’s processing environment exceeds Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standards Council requirements, giving retailers the peace of mind of knowing customers’ information is secure. In-store, mobile checkout or online, RetailPoint’s Merchant Services program streamlines the payment acceptance process to quickly and securely process credit cards, debit cards and speed up checkout times.

Low Competitive Processing Rates

RetailPoint provides merchants with competitive payment processing fees and transaction rates. By using factors such as business, average ticket, sales volume and preferred card types, RetailPoint can determine the best program for retailers’ unique needs. RetailPoint will find the best possible rate for any business. From card-present sales to web-based purchases, a RetailPoint Merchant Account will provide everything needed to accept payments and save money.

Process Credit or Debit Cards Instantly

RetailPoint’s integrated payment processing technology allows retailers to process credit and debit card transactions almost instantaneously. No more waiting on slow dial-up peripheral systems. Through advanced technology, RetailPoint is able to eliminate lag seen from traditional systems. Faster transaction times help speed up the checkout process and reduce or even eliminate customer wait times.

Customizable Quick Keys

The "Quick Pick" mode allows users to program quick keys to use for their most popular items, services, product searches, or even RetailPoint software functions. Button names and colors are fully customizable. Multiple categories and subcategories can be set up for easy quick button organization. Drag and drop existing quick buttons into different subcategories as your categories and subcategories grow. This feature can be perfect for any service industry or stores with a few fast moving items. Makes check out fast and efficient, especially in situations where products or services do not have scannable barcodes.

Touch Screen Enabled Quick Transactions.

RetailPoint is optimized for touch screen POS and traditional style monitors. Large onscreen buttons and controls allow for fast check out and management. On screen keyboards with number pads allow touch screen monitor use with the RetailPoint software completely independent of a keyboard or mouse.

  • Fast Processing
  • Low Transaction Rates
  • Short Application Process
  • Quick Approvals
  • Built into Software
  • Simplifies Bookkeeping

Mobile Phone Payment Processing

  • Process payments anywhere in the store
  • Use multiple devices on your account
  • Signature capture
  • Customer Tips
  • Detailed Reports
  • Email Receipts
  • Pre-Auth & Capture ability
  • Void & Refund capable

Our mobile payment processing allows you to process card transactions anytime and anywhere, from most smart phones. Process any major credit cards and email or text clients electronic receipts right from your smart phone. RetailPoint mobile payments qualify as a card-present transaction, which can save merchants who previously keyed-in their off-site transactions up to 30% in fees.

In-Store Integrated POS

  • Fast Processing
  • Low Transaction Rates
  • Short Application Process
  • Quick Approvals
  • Built into Software
  • Simplifies Bookkeeping

Our Integrated Payment Processing allows you to process and record transactions in one step--reducing the chance of costly errors. Following the end-of-day processing, all card transactions are batched and the settlement is transmitted automatically.

Card Processing Terminals

Looking for a standalone card terminal? RetailPoint merchant services provides the same low-  cost credit and debit processing rates for card processing terminals as the RetailPoint point of sale systems. RetailPoint has a variety of different, competitively priced terminals to choose from to fit business needs. If a retailer already owns an unlocked Ingenico, Verifone or similar device, RetailPoint can reprogram them to save money on replacement hardware.

Online & Web Stores

  • PCI Compliant
  • Web integrated processing
  • Increase Website Sales
  • Competitive Rates
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Easy application process

RetailPoint's e-commerce website solution allows merchants to easily launch a web store to display and sell products entered into the RetailPoint POS system. With an approved online merchant application and a SSL license, you will be able ready to accept all major credit cards securely from your online web store.