Management Tools

Management Tools

Management Tools with Cross Platform Features. One system does it all. Works on any device.

  • management toolsNext Generation Scalability - Affordable options for retailers ready to expand or upgrade technology to iPad and still use PC devices. Offers enterprise-level features to grow your business
  • Store Management Enable multiple stores to share and compare "live" data. Easily manage multiple locations, in-store or remotely via cloud technology.
  • Live Reporting Get anywhere updates via live statistics and reporting features. Quickly identify productivity, sales, and inventory. Compare store statistics in multi-store environments.
  • Product Information Manager- works across devices and channels (store, warehouse, e-commerce.)
  • Order Fulfillment - Advanced Order Logic defines and controls routing
  • Shipping options - Enable ship from store, pick-up at store, ship from vendor and store-to-store transfer options.
  • Employee Management Oversee your work force, track hours, sales and performance activities.
  • Collect and manage customer marketing data, then create targeted marketing campaigns to grow loyalty and better serve customers.
  • Installs in seconds. Scales and grows with your business

Better Employee Management Toolsemployee management tools

RetailPoint gives managers the power to easily track and manage their employees’ information.  The same solution that associates use to complete transactions can also track an employee’s hours, sales and personal information.


Customizable Employee/Manager Access Levels

customizable employee manager
RetailPoint's Permissions Manager feature allows retailers to provide employees access to the information they need, while also restricting access to the information they do not need. This easy-to-use panel features three configurable default security groups (admin, manager and employee), and additional custom security groups can be easily created. Each user is assigned to a security group and only has access to the features chosen by managers. Usernames are automatically stored with each transaction, giving the retailer complete oversight for accountability purposes.


Manage multiple stores from anywhere

site management
RetailPoint’s cloud-based technology allows retailers to securely store and access sale, employee, customer and inventory data in a real-time environment, allowing management anytime and from anywhere. This data can even be shared across multiple locations, thereby creating one homogenous retail ecosystem for your business. Virtually all information entered into the RetailPoint point of sale (POS) solution is globally accessible and displayed in real-time. Any terminal or store location can be added under a retailer’s account, allowing all locations to access a customer's account information and sales activity as it occurs.

Manage customer information across multiple stores

Virtually all information entered into the RetailPoint POS solution is globally accessible and displayed in "live-time." Any terminal or store location, associated with the retailers account, is connected, allowing stores in a multi-store environment to access a customer's account information and sales activity as it occurs.



Web-based Dashboard

RetailPoint's "Online Dashboard" offers a real-time environment with access to all sales, employee and productivity information generated by your store(s). Easily accessible via an internet connection, reporting tools help view overall company status or easily drill down into individual store level productivity. Managers can easily compare location data in a multi-store environment, identify potential problems or recent sales trends as they are developing.

Multi-Tax Supporttax support

RetailPoint POS features multi-tax code capabilities so you can configure up to three separate components and combine to create the total sales tax. The function allows for easy tracking to different agencies - ex. city, county, and state and locations that frequently ship or sell products outside of their local area.


Time Clocktime clock

RetailPoint contains time clock functionality for employees to clock in and out of work. This feature stores all of the hours an employee works and can be monitored and managed with the proper permissions.


Store Payouts

store payouts

Store payout allows administrators or managers to withdraw directly from the POS cash drawer for vendor payouts, or company use. Only users with sufficient security rights are able to use this feature. When a payout is created, the username, time, amount of the withdrawal, and reason for use is recorded. Records of all payout transactions can be viewed via the reports section and daily payout is also viewable on X-out and Z-out reports.