We already have an ins-store retail terminal. Why can't we just take credit card information from our website and process it offline?

Credit card companies have very strict policies regarding the processing of credit cards. Processing online orders through a store terminal violates the terms of most merchant account agreements, and is non-compliant with PCI security guidelines. In addition, processing transactions that are manually entered into a terminal are processed at a higher rates than swiped (card present) or online transactions.

Can RetailPoint Merchant Services process orders for international merchants?

No. At this time, Retailpoint is unable to provide its credit card processing services to merchants outside of the United States. For more information, please call (800) 694-1826.

Do I have to be a U.S. citizen in order to set up a merchant account through Retailpoint?

Yes. Merchant Services are limited to U.S. citizens only.

Does RetailPoint offer both swipe and online credit card processing?

Yes. Retailpoint Merchant services offers a variety of different card processing options- Integrated processing via RetailPoint POS software, Stand-alone or mobile Terminal Processing, Mobile Smart-Phone Processing, and Online ecommerce processing. Please call (800) 694-1826, and we'll be glad to assist you in determining what type(s) of merchant account will best suit your business. All account types through RetailPoint Merchant Services feature low competitive rates.

Can I accept American Express through Retailpoint Credit Card Processing Services?

Yes. You will be able to specify whether or not you would like to accept American Express during the application process.

Can I accept debit cards through Retailpoint Card Processing Services?

Yes. Retailpoint Merchant Services will allow you to accept debit cards and standard bank-issued credit cards.

Can I accept electronic checks through Retailpoint Merchant services?

No. Retailpoint Merchant Services doesn't provide electronic check processing at this time. For more information, please call (800) 694-1826.

What is a chargeback?

A chargeback is a transaction that is returned to the merchant by the card-issuing bank. This typically happens when a customer is disputing a transaction. The merchant bank has the option of returning or "charging back" the merchant for the disputed transaction.

What is a discount rate?

The discount rate is a percentage of each transaction that the merchant is charged by the provider for facilitating a credit card transaction.

What is an interchange?

And interchange is the fee that the card brands charge for using their payment network.

Can I view my customer's full credit card number?

No. PCI compliance regulations prevent merchants being able to view full credit card numbers of their customers.