Clienteling Tools & Tips

Mobile POS Checkout offers ease of use plus advanced POS features.
Associates are no longer tied to a fixed station to complete the sale.

Clienteling Tools & Tips

Next-Generation Retail Engagement with Customer Clienteling

RetailPoint creates unique and personal shopping experiences to help retailers convert todayís demanding consumers from in-store browsers, to merchandise purchasers.

Understanding the value of a customer perusing your store and then utilizing an engagement solution to convert a sale is the core of RetailPointís next-generation POS software. Traditional POS software is location-based, awkward and often create barriers to the sale with little interaction. By removing these obstacles, associates are given total control to expand touches with customers and grow the retail business.



 Customer Reporting - Identify previous likes, purchases and engagecustomer reporting

RetailPointís POS software allows associates to zoom in on customersí information and purchase history down to a  granular level.  With an e-commerce platform integrated to the POS, customersí online profiles can be synced with their in-store profiles, creating one homogenous shopping experience across all channels of business.  In addition, these profiles provide instant access to both a customerís in-store and online purchase history, enabling capabilities such as buying online and returning to store. Furthermore, by utilizing this powerful clienteling tool, associates can now make recommendations based on past purchases and customer preferences, thereby increasing potential up-selling.

Product view & searchProduct View and Search - Assist with finding stock

Searching for a product may seem like an easy task, but itís not always be as simple as it seems. For example, in some cases, a customer will have only a vague idea of the item they wish to purchase and may not know the name of that product. RetailPoint optimizes the product search process by allowing store associates to search via any criteria. Supported by a powerful product information manager (PIM), a retailer can assign any number of attributes to products, thereby optimizing the search process.

Details and AttributesDetails and Attributes - Dig deeper into options and colors

Included in RetailPoint is an extremely powerful product information manager (PIM). RetailPointís PIM gives retailers the ability to classify products by whatever attributes they wish, whether itís by department, brand, ingredients, manufacturer, size or any other attribute a product may have. In addition to attributes, retailers can add any number of photos or other files to a productís profile. 

inventory visibility Enterprise Inventory Visibility - Search options, make the sale

One of the most powerful aspects of RetailPoint is its advanced inventory system. With RetailPoint, a retailerís inventory levels are kept in real time and instantly viewable from anywhere. Retailers are further empowered with visibility across all of their locationsí stock levels. 

General POS CheckoutGeneral POS Checkout - All the features, and more.

With all the other powerful components of RetailPoint, itís easy to see why the checkout process is so optimized. Checking out a customer with RetailPoint is a breeze. Products are quickly added to a transaction by scanning, searching or the customizable Quickpick buttons.  Associates can also easily search and add a customerís profile to the transaction in order to track the customerís purchases in the future.

Save the SaleEnterprise Save the Sale - Don't lose the sale.

Is a product out of stock in a store location? No problem! With RetailPoint, associates are now armed with a number of options in order to save the sale. Customers seeking an out of stock item can now choose between creating a store transfer, having that product shipped from a warehouse or vendor directly to the customerís home, or simply having that product held at the closest location for the customer to pick up.